Forces of Nature

Do you ever feel like all the forces of nature are working against you? I have for the last several years taken to a leisurely schedule of rising around 9 am. This just happens to be when my “almost 50 year -old” internal alarm has been set for a while. My kind and loving husband however arises at 4:30 am, at times 4:45 if I have to nudge (meaning kick repeatedly) him out of bed. I have been spoiled a bit since marrying BD. I am now a woman of leisure. I would call myself a stay-at-home mom, but with a 15 year-old daughter the job title seems to give me too much credit. In my mind, it elicits an image of home room parties, rotating car pools with other “stay-at-home-moms” who are in their early thirties dressed in sleek yoga pants, Under Amour tanks and their darling pink and gray Under Armour SpeedForm Europa running shoes topped of with a  Under Armour Luster Vest.  I am not on my way to work out after dropping the darling child off at school (as a matter of fact, I don’t even drive my sweetheart to school, she rides the bus).  I’m hoping against hope to just be able to wash a load of laundry, dream of vacuuming the living room or giving the kitchen floor a quick  “foot mop”,  If you are unfamiliar with a foot mop, you’re missing out and probably took home economics. This practice is taking approximately half a roll of paper towels, splitting them, carefully placing bare feet on top of each wad, spray your choice of cleaner (I prefer Fabuloso to remind myself of Mexico) then easing yourself in a skating motion across the floor until a mildly satisfactory amount of sticky mystery gunk, dirt and food is removed from floor. I’m sure I can’t take credit for inventing this mode of  “cleaning” however I would like to think I have somewhat perfected it.

Then life gets in the way. Dr. Phil & Law & Order are backing up on my DVR, my cat seems far too comfortable curled up in my lap or my mother calls and the lure of lunch or shopping beckons.

The floor will still be there tomorrow … I just hope the cat can find another place to rest.

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