New Day and a New Dawn

My life has slowly crawled into an entirely new era.  I’m not sure I realized anything was happening at first. Maybe I should have clued in when the 15 year-old’s music wasn’t making sense to me anymore, even though I could hear every word they were “singing”.  I heard an elderly woman saying “That’s not even music.” Did that come out of my mouth?

About 3 winters ago I took up knitting. I complain about slamming screen doors, I have crazy urges to hold other peoples babies and give unsolicited advice to the parents of my toddler class at church.

I’m not complaining. Reflecting. Thinking. Maybe most of all wondering, “What is this new time in my life”.  And more importantly, what am I suppose to be doing with it?

Thoughts are always welcome. Have a blessed day,



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