“I Think I’ll Start a Blog”

Oh, what a thoughtless and seemingly harmless statement. My husband nodded and gave a little grunt of agreement and my excitement grew. After all, I LOVE to write. I love to talk even more … surely that would translate into writing a riveting blog that hundreds if not thousands of women my age would  flock to in order to share their life experiences, RIGHT?

Then I applied for my domain name – is the name right, did I pick something that was going to attract readers? Does it even make any sense? OK, hosting … is there really a difference? You mean you have to actually design the SITE that your blog is on? I thought I was going to write little stories about crazed things that happened to me like all the little twenty-something millennials out there with THOUSANDS of  followers. I mean, if they could do it why couldn’t I?

THEN it happened, I was so very close to sitting down to write my first jaw dropping blog and suddenly I was hit with “Where would you like your Istagram icon, FB icon? How about your Twitter account? Honey, I just want to write a little story right this minute.

Welcome to A Little From The Middle, where I hope tomorrow the sun will shine brighter on my computer skills as this ALMOST 50 year old attempts to conquer what is the new (to me) world of blogging. Hang with me … it’s going to be fun!



  1. Please be kind with any and all comments. I want this to be a place of sharing fun experiencs and a little love. The writer is attempting to hone her writing skills and assures you she is not an English teacher!


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